Big Harvest Day

There were a lot of peaches. (Even after the birds had their share.) They should have been thinned more so there would be fewer but larger fruit.





Sunroom Construction – Part 4

By the beginning of June the finish carpenter had done his work and trimmed out the doors, windows and where possible put in the floor moldings.  Then it was time for the painters to come through and when they left most of the place looked like it had always been that way.

Since they had to do the entire ceiling as well as several walls to make sure it looked right, we decided that the entire bedroom could benefit from a coat of paint. That meant that furniture had to be squished towards the center of the room.

Likewise the changes in the family room seem like they will be just fine eventually — when we can move furniture to more appropriate locations. (That will be a while longer yet as the carpet is going to be replaced.)

Once again the kitchen is usable.  The holes in the ceiling for the fire system are not visible and the openings to the sunroom are starting to feel like they belong as well. Like the bedroom it needed the entire ceiling painted and most of the walls — so the little remaining was also painted.

Meanwhile, the stucco on the outside has been applied has been drying.