One Snake, Two Snakes…

One warm afternoon when I went outside, I noticed a snake sunning itself on the driveway. I happened to have my cell phone in my pocket, so I tried to get a few photos before encouraging the snake to find a safer place for it to sunbath.

The sun was at an angle where I had troubles seeing what was on the cell phone screen. I clicked and moved a bit closer, planning to get it from a better vantage. Then I noticed the snake was moving and when I looked at it directly, I discovered the snake was actually two snakes. One quickly moved off into the brush. It wasn’t until I saw the photo on the larger screen of my computer that I found that I had been lucky to get a shot of both snakes, side by side.

With a little encouragement, the second snake headed for the hills to join its companion. Once they were off the asphalt, it was extremely hard to see them. Their camouflage was excellent for the situation.




Starting Points

It is said that even the longest journey starts with a single step. That first step often seems to be the hardest to make. I wonder if that is why so many books and movies start in the middle of the story and fill in the earlier details later. I think that’s how I will begin here.