I noticed something — not sure what at first — sitting down the hill from our house.  Decided it might be a cat.  But something seemed odd about it.  So I got out the binoculars and realized that it wasn’t one of the neighbor’s felines.  About then it got up and started wandering and it was obvious it was not domestic kitty.  It was way too husky and the tail was very short and the ears…  It had been many years since the last time I saw one a bobcat here.  Hopefully it will stick around for a while and work on the excess mouse, gopher and ground squirrel population.

Owl in the Morning

I opened the shades in the “bonus” room early in the morning.  And for a change instead of being so foggy everything was hidden, it was reasonably clear.  And there was a fence post topper.  This time, an owl (Great Horned Owl, I believe) out a bit late.  Maybe looking for a sunrise snack?

More Garden and Critters

The first two plantings of corn appear to be doing well.  But as it turned out, only the first batch was really productive.

Borage is an interesting herb.  The bees love the flowers and the plant easily turns into a three foot dome.  And it reseeds itself so it will be coming up elsewhere in the garden for the next few years.

Meanwhile, the nectarine had a wonderful looking crop developing.  Apparently the ground squirrel thought so as well and did not share any with us,  The ground under the tree was littered with the remains of its feasting on the fruit.

June Garden and Critters

The swallowtail butterfly caterpillars are back on the lovage.  I did see one of the actual butterflies for a change.  As usual, the caterpillars were gone a few days later.   Next year, the plant gets a chickenwire cover to be sure that they are not being removed by hungry birds.

One of the grape vines decided it liked being in the ground enough to produce lots of clusters of grapes.

The excavation in the hill was the work of the ground squirrel.  The critter who has been eating the tender sprouts that the veggies are putting out.  Needless to say, this is war.


This little guy showed up in the mulched bed.